Melody’s Song and the City of the Voice Snatchers is the first book in the children’s series by Lonna Hardin

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Melody's Song and the City of the Voice Snatchers - Book 1 Cover

Frogs, butterflies, legs running the wrong direction, a Fairy Maestro, and a musical town living in fear of the evil Voice Snatchers — this is the world of Melody, a brave, song-loving little girl who desperately wants to sing. When the Voice Snatchers threaten to steal everyone’s voice in town, Melody faces her biggest challenge yet: sing the forbidden song inside her heart…or lose her town forever.

Step into Melody’s Song as she navigates the challenges of confidence, loving who you are, and knowing who you’re meant to be. Melody’s Song and the City of the Voice Snatchers brings the power of music, critical thinking, and life lessons in one of the most spellbinding children’s books about self-love, self-awareness, self-identity, and self-confidence.

What’s the Real Story Behind

On the surface, it’s tempting to see Melody’s Song as just another children’s book series. A deeper dive into Melody’s story and author Lonna Hardin’s influence reveals a deeper collaboration between music and motivation.

The Melody’s Song book series and educational curriculum leverages Social Emotional Learning educational material (SEL) to teach your child about goal-setting and maturing into a more reflective, confident person. The voice snatchers embody strong thematic symbolism: what ‘voice snatchers’ are silencing your children from being themselves, and what can they do about it?

Through the lens of a Black girl’s odyssey, Melody faces obstacles and concepts — real and imaginary — as she clashes with adversity to eventually win the day! Melody’s story disarms the fear of claiming one’s own voice and establishes it instead as a birthright. Melody shares the common story of most children who sometimes deal with self-doubt. This dynamic book series and educational curriculum teaches the concept of self-love, self-identity, self-esteem, and self-fulfillment at a young age. 

Trust Melody’s Song to teach your child how to find their voice, unlock their greatest potential, pursue their passion, and defeat the potential Voice Snatchers in their lives.

“Hi, I’m Lonna Hardin,

Millions upon millions of people from every walk of life suffer at the hands of ‘voice snatchers’, especially young, brilliant, beautiful children. Melody’s Song first came alive in my heart while working with countless people who lack the support, awareness, guidance, and courage needed to ‘live their song’. For many, if they learned how to love themselves and build self-esteem as a child, their path to personal and professional fulfillment would have revealed itself sooner and more easily.

Melody’s Song is designed to inspire children in the curious, magical search to find their hidden song within their hearts. Wrapped in this life-changing discovery is a realization that all of us are capable of achieving our dreams, no matter the circumstances.

Melody’s Song and City of the Voice Snatchers sets the stage for courageous discovery. I intentionally guided Melody’s story to illustrate the essential role of goal setting, economic empowerment, and other life skills, all within a compelling children’s story bursting with color and wonder.

I truly believe you will be inspired, challenged, and ready to fall in love with this amazing little girl named Melody.

Taught In Melody’s Song

The Melody’s Song book series and educational curriculum sparks life-changing conversations between young readers and their parents, caregivers, teachers, after-school mentors, church leaders, and other voices well into the future.

Parents and Educators Are Raving About Melody’s Song

“Melody’s Song is inspirational, entertaining, and motivates the soul…”

~Horatio Bennett~

“Melody’s Song is inspirational, entertaining, and motivates the soI found the story to be inspiring, the character delightful, and the artwork bold and beautiful! Ecellent! Excellent!''

~Yolanda D. Thomas~

“This book is awesome. Great message and illustrations! I recommend this book for this book because it age appropriate."

~Amazon Customer~

“Absolutely love reading this book to my kids. They love the pictures. Will continue to recommend!" 

~Amazon Customer~

“Really Love This Book and its message to kids. Can't wait to share it with all my friends and colleagues. Very, very highly recommend this book."

~Tony Searight~

“This book inspires childern to stand up for what they belive in! There will always be someone out there to mute you. But, don't let the voice Snatchers steal your joy and rob your passion!"

~Dr. Royond Patrick Hendrix Former Principal and Superintendent~

“Most, if not all, children struggle at times with self-doubt and will ask themselves, "what am I?" Truly, everyone has genius, but for young people, finding their hidden talents takes time. In following Melody on her journey of self-discovery, young readers are armed with the courage to persevere, to use their gifts, and to live their songs.
Through her inspiring work, author Lonna Hardin portrays a courageous model for children, teachers, parents, and just about anyone who has ever found themselves struggling to use the power of their own voice."

~R. Beltz~

“My daughter and I Love this book! It's full of humor, fun and lessons to help kids believe in themselves, find their voice and defeat the voice snatchers in their lives. 

If you want to help your child succeed and find their place in the world, this book is for It teaches self love and self confidence and shows children how to follow their dreams, and find their hidden power within. I recommend this book for anyone looking for a story with a positive message to inspire their little ones!"

~Mrs. Cox~


Your child having the courage and clarity to seek their song, no matter the circumstances of life.

Your child embracing hope and positivity that spreads to every area of their life.

Your child becoming more individually and socially aware as they mature and face greater challenges in life.

Your child setting big, audacious goals that create an unstoppable trajectory towards greatness and success well beyond their childhood.

This isn’t wishful thinking. This is Melody’s Song. Join Melody in her inspiring, twists-and-turns-filled journey with your child as they learn how to share their voice with the world for years to come!