Melody’s Song: Prepare to Fall In Love with the Story of Melody

A gift-worthy, feel-good read-aloud – and a top choice for culturally relevant books for kids!

Melody's Song and the City of the Voice Snatchers - Book 1 in the Melody's Song Series

A Courageous Little Singer In A Fantastical City Powered by Music -- And Hunted by the Evil Voice Snatchers!

Frogs, butterflies, legs running the wrong direction, a Fairy Maestro, and a musical town living in fear of the evil Voice Snatchers — this is the world of Melody, a brave, song-loving little girl who desperately wants to sing. When the Voice Snatchers threaten to steal everyone’s voice in town, Melody faces her biggest challenge yet: sing the forbidden song inside her heart…or lose her town forever.

Step into Melody’s Song as she navigates the challenges of confidence, loving who you are, and knowing who you’re meant to be. Melody’s Song and the City of the Voice Snatchers brings the power of music, critical thinking, and life lessons in one of the most spellbinding children’s books about diversity of the year.

A timeless reminder of what love can unlock for the world around us!

Melody's Song And The Adventure Of The Sound Catchers - Book 2 in the Melody's Song Series

Will Melody Fulfill the Prophecy of Her Song?

The sequel to Melody’s Song and the City of the Voice Snatchers, this edge-of-your-seat page-turner shows there’s more to Melody’s Song than just one city. An age-old prophecy, the Fairy Maestro’s warning, and a journey into the depths of Dark Alley await Melody in Melody’s Song and the Adventure of the Sound Catchers. Follow along as Melody learns the timeless lessons of humility, love, and facing your greatest fears — and an ending you will never forget!

The Story Behind the Melody's Song Series

The Melody’s Song book series employs Social Emotional Learning educational material (SEL) to teach your child about goal-setting and maturing into a more reflective, confident person. The voice snatchers have strong thematic symbolism: what ‘voice snatchers’ are silencing your children from being themselves, and what can they do about it?

Through the lens of a black girl’s odyssey, Melody faces obstacles and concepts — real and imaginary — as she clashes with adversity to eventually win the day!

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