Flawless Women w/guest Evangelist Jackie Dorsey

Flawless Women w/guest Evangelist Jackie Dorsey

Flawless Women - Host - Lonna Hardin - Guest - Jackie Dorsey

This week I sit down with Evangelist Jackie Dorsey to discuss why flawless living is connected to discovering your gifts.

The Flawless Women show is designed to offer hope and inspiration to hurting, broken women who need a safe space to heal, let down their hair, and get real. Titus 2:3-5 instructs older women to teach the young. Ephesians 5:27 reveals what FLAWLESS LIVING looks like.

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About Lonna

Lonna’s musical career began at the early age of 5. At 12, she found herself in the spotlight when she recorded with gospel music legend, Charles Fold. By the age of 16, a nickname emerged, “Songbird.” Now, Lonna sings, writes, and speaks, with audiences around the world. She’s also a voice to add light to issues that impact the voiceless and vulnerable.

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