Melody's Song and the City of the Voice Snatchers - Book 1 Cover

Melody’s Song Series

Melody’s Song is a children’s book series and educational curriculum that combines music and Motivation to teach children how to find their voice, unlock it, pursue their passion and defeat the potential Voice Snatchers in their lives.

Melody shares the common story of most children who sometimes deal with self-doubt. Melody’s story disarms the fear of claiming one’s own voice and establishes it instead as a birthright. It teaches the concept of self-love, self-identity, self-esteem, and self-fulfillment at a young age.

In the Melody’s Song Series, a fierce and feisty little girl sets out on a colorful adventure to unlock her song, overcome the evil Voice Snatchers and bring the true voices of her friends and family back home.


Stuck and unable to move forward? Ready to take a leap toward purpose and passion but unsure how to begin? In Voiceprint, Lonna uses unconventional wisdom and shares her proven success formula to help you break sound barriers and unleash your purpose! Join Lonna as she journeys through the four stages every dreamer goes through to discover their voiceprint, unlock their passion, and fulfill their life’s purpose.

The #1 Thing Wrong With The Bible

The #1 Thing Wrong With The Bible is a book of deep personal discovery and reflection. In it, Lonna Hardin takes a powerful approach to address the #1 reason why hope and healing, not legalism, is today’s answers for a dying, dark world.

Lonna shares her own personal battle with overcoming life’s disappointments and church hurt. In 2018, a chance encounter with a total stranger began her path to healing. She experienced the Bible as a living, breathing document. It contains answers and insights to be applied to every challenge we face. Especially, damaged, and misplaced faith. This book is for people sitting on the sidelines: Wounded and stuck.

Discover what the Father sees as the #1 Thing Wrong With The Bible. See through a new set of eyes. Find out why you’re the answer to the question and make a difference in the world.

Lord of Economic Kingdoms

In 2002, during prayer, author Lonna Hardin had a divine visitation that changed her life. As a result, the message of The Lord of Economic Kingdoms was birthed. This book uncovers hidden truths revealed. It explores the Creator of the Universe, His secret treasures, what real wealth looks like, and God’s true economy.

Lord of Economic Kingdoms further details how persecution and suffering bring supernatural promotion and increase. It provides insight into where God hides His greatest gems and how to search them out. It is a must-have business tool for Christian business owners and Kingdompreneurs needing to develop a Kingdom business mindset and get a roadmap to navigate the seasons ahead.  

Sons of God

Pandemics. Vaccines. Protests. Earthquakes. Hurricanes and more. The earth groans waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God. Many don’t know who they are. Others are in hiding praying to be affirmed.

Sons of God reflects the heart of the Father for the overlooked, rejected, and abandoned. It offers hope for those who can’t see themselves through the eyes of God. It also illuminates the issue of fatherlessness, the mantle of sonship, and the three distinctions of a true son.

Divine inheritance belongs to those the Father calls His own. Is that you? Take your rightful place. Ascend to your predetermined throne. It’s time to unlock the hidden revelation and wisdom needed in this hour to possess everything that belongs to you.

Two Or Three

Every believer holds the key to unlock the hidden mysteries of the kingdom. Most do not know what it is. Others will not acknowledge it’s power. Agreement is the #1 weapon every believer needs in their arsenal. Christ understood it’s power. His greatest prayer was, “Lord, make us one.”

In order for the Body of Christ to walk in deeper dimensions of God’s glory, we must collectively join together to manifest our Heavenly Father’s will “On earth as is in heaven.” In this book author, Lonna Hardin shares prayer keys and agreement strategies to do just that. Christ didn’t need the world’s approval, he just needed “Two or Three.”

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