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What does it mean to be flawless and brilliant? Some say perfect. Not me.  Just like a diamond, every human possesses a power to shine. Rare, precious jewels can be found in the most dark, obscure places.  Those willing to pay the price and do the work always find the flawless, brilliant gem hidden inside. Like a diamond, I am raw, uncut and multi-dimensional. Through many life experiences, I’ve learned having an authentic, genuine voice in a world full of fake knockoffs and copycats matters. If you are looking for real life, real talk, and real passion… thanks for stopping by. I am the voice you’ve been searching for.

Lonna Hardin


Lonna is a leader of the next generation. She captures the imagination and propels emerging leaders to the future with high energy, creativity, precision, confidence, intentionality, & enthusiasm.

Roger Ryan, CEO, Aftertouch Music

Grammy, Dove nominated, and Juno Award winning producer

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Lonna Hardin. What MORE can you say about this wonderful woman? A serious woman on a serious mission. Definitely a game changer. I had the wonderful privilege of just “brainstorming” with this woman on many levels and all I can say is, the WORLD is not ready! Greatness awaits.

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Priceless Treasure

What makes Lonna unique is more than her sultry sounds. She has persevered through many life challenges and pain. Always guided buy her passion for music and her trademark, “Live Your Song,” Lonna brings a wealth of knowledge and life experience into any room. Like a diamond with many sides, singing, acting, writing and speaking only scratch the surface of who Lonna is. Mult-gifted, Lonna is a true leader at her core and servant in heart. Her ability to endure and overcome is what allows her easily to connect with others and sets her apart. This distinction is seen and felt in everything she does and everyone she meets.


Credited #17 on the International Artist Top 30 list in France and featured on the top 150 gospel stations throughout the U.S., Lonna’s soulful voice and unique Neo-soul style is created to uplift, inspire, and heal.


Starring as Crystal a nightclub singer looking to make it big in the hit stage play, “I’m Not Ready Yet,” and invited to be extra an on Tyler Perry’s “I Can Do Bad All By Myself, whether on stage, on screen, or on radio, Lonna’s gift of voice and song is known across the country.


Nominated as “Rising Author” of the 2019 Indie Author Legacy Awards, Lonna has published over 7 books. She is most known for Voiceprint: How to find your voice, live your song, and unleash your purpose, as well as the Melody’s Song children’s book series.

Where Am I?

Rare Journey, Rare Find

Lonna travels extensively and is featured at libraries, museums, conferences, workshops and events throughout the world. Her voice, journey and perspectives are unique.

A single mom and product of a single parent household , her compassion and humanity always shine through. She talks to audiences around the world on a range of topics. Out of all the issues Lonna speaks about, her greatest message is “Hope and Optimism.”


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